Naked Beauty The Symulast Method - Will It Work For Me?

Ok, I'm going to keep this real...

Without knowing you, I've no idea.

Against: It requires consistent effort to do the 20 minutes of exercises 2 - 3 times per week.

Doesn't sound like hard work, but I had reduce drinking wine down to weekends as a healthy resolution...

Lasted about 2 weeks (if that!) ​

I know it's not easy to stick with stuff, life gets in the way.

If you can persevere, yes it SHOULD work.

But what if it doesn't?

What if I find I don't enjoy it?

What if .......?

Don't worry, here's my suggestion...

Naked Beauty The Symulast Method ​is sold via Clickbank (think Amazon for digital products) and has a 60 day money back guarantee.

The whole ethos behind the success of Clickbank and digital products is to offer a long (60 days - 3 months) money back guarantee.​ This encourages people to buy without fear.

Use this 60 day period to test the program.

Buy the product (note down the date so you can track when the guarantee expires).

And give it a try... from the comfort of your own home.​

Start seeing your cellulite melting away before your eyes and all's well.​

Don't like it... get your money back. Cool :)​

Here's the process...

Click here to watch the sales video and buy Naked Beauty The Symulast Method.​

Already seen the sales video and want to skip it click here instead...

Keep the receipt you'll get from Clickbank and note the date so you can track your guarantee period.

If you decide it's not for you...

Go here to claim your refund!/  or click the support tab from the normal Clickbank home page

  1. Click Look Up Your Order.
  2. Enter two identifiers for your order:
    • Email Address – The email address you used when you bought the product. This field is required.
    • Order Number – The order number. This is included in receipt and rebill emails.
    • Last 4 digits of Payment Method – The last 4 digits of the payment method that you used for the order, such as your credit card.
    • ZIP – Your zip code or postal code.
  3. Complete the reCAPTCHA challenge.
  4. Click Go.
    Your order information is displayed.
  5. Find the order and click Order Details, Tech Support & Refunds.
    Details for that order are displayed.
  6. Click Get Support.
  7. In the type field, select Refund Request.
  8. Select a reason for the refund.
  9. Click Send.
    Your refund request is sent. The refund is processed within one business day unless you change your request.

​So if having great looking legs in time for summer is on your agenda give Naked Beauty a try risk free 🙂

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