Naked Beauty Symulast Reviews

Cellulite Exercise Reviews

Below we have a number of real user Naked Beauty Symulast Reviews. These are real women and their experience using the Joey Atlas created exercise program…


Symulast is an 8 exercise program that can be easily done from the comfort of your own home.

It requires no / minimal equipment though if you have solid floors a yoga mat would be advisable and also a mobile step / utility step. Personally I have a foot stool that’s perfect for the job (about 11 inches off ground).

Let’s get to it…

Starting with Clelia


Clelia's Symulast Case Study Before Picture

and after 3 weeks of Symulast exercises

Clelia's Symulast Case Study After Photo

Next Brave lady to share her pictures is Nicki.

Nicki was one of the first ladies to share her pictures, and actually helped me to decide to give Joey’s Naked Beauty a try (thanks Nicki).

Nicki Before and After Cellulite Pictures

And finally Tiz’s cellulite fighting exploits.

Tiz's symulast photos side view

Tiz’s cellulite reduction rear aspect…

Tiz's before and after symulast rear view

If your read these personal testimonials most of these women’s experiences have much in common…

  • Not overweight but still had cellulite.
  • Exercised regularly some even long term gym bunnies.
  • Tried all the hokum pokum cellulite treatments
  • There own issues with personal motivation
  • Adapted their programs to suit their circumstances

The summary is that these 8 symulast exercises only need take 25 minutes, and can be done anywhere, you just need the belief and discipline to see through the first few weeks, at which point your motivation will get a boost as you see the results starring you back in the mirror.

Please tell us your cellulite stories good and bad in the comments below.

Thanks for reading



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