The Video

5 Keys to Kill Cellulite

Ask any woman on the street what the definition of “cellulite” is and you’ll get a confused variety of answers. From “toxic fat pockets” to “bands of fiber pulling down on the skin” and many things in between…

The Exercises

The symulast workout routine consists of 8 synergistic muscle layer stimulation (symulast) exercises that can be done easily at home in under 25 minutes.

These exercise rely on very slow movement and perfect form to really work the muscles deeply but safely.

The Results

“I have been doing the program every other day for 3 weeks. I hope the pics show the dramatic changes that I am seeing in the mirror and feeling. I definitely notice a difference in the shape and texture of my legs and my buns and thighs. I definitely have less cellulite on my lower body.”

The Symulast Method Review Video

What do you get as a member of Joey’s Naked Beauty The Symulast Method program?

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The video above is Symulast Method creator Joey Atlas explaining exactly what Cellulite is and why the multi-million dollar Cellulite treatment industry doesn’t want you to know.

The Symulast Method Review video below shows you what you get as a member  of Joey’s Naked Beauty The Symulast Method program…

What Is Symulast?

Symulast is a made up term, a shortening of  the term ‘synergistic muscle layer stimulation’.

Synergistic muscle layer stimulation is a real medical term referring to a type of exercise that deeply targets specific muscle groups. Often used as a safe and highly effective treatment for injury victims recovering from muscle atrophy (wastage or degradation).

The slow speed and proper form of the movements have proven to be the best way to re-strengthen and tone weakened / atrophied muscles.

The highly targeted nature of these exercises make synergistic muscle layer stimulation exercises perfect for reducing cellulite.

Joey Atlas the famous women’s body enhancement specialist has created a cellulite reducing exercise program which is named “Naked Beauty The Symulast Method”.

The program uses 8 very specific synergistic muscle layer stimulation exercises to rapidly reduce the appearance of cellulite on women’s lower body trouble spots.

Synergistic muscle layer stimulation hardly rolls off the tongue…

and so the Symulast Method was born.

The Symulast Workout

The symulast workout routine consists of 8 synergistic muscle layer stimulation (symulast) exercises that can be done easily at home in under 25 minutes.

These exercise rely on very slow movement and perfect form to really work the muscles deeply but safely.

It’s wise to consult your Doctor before starting new exercises.

However symulast exercises are designed for everyone, because the movement is slow and you only need to perform the range of movement within the limits that you’re comfortable.

The more you progress the greater the range of movement you’ll be able to complete.

So what’s the secret to symulast’s success in reducing cellulite.

  1. The slow motion of each movement.
  2. Keeping the proper shape or form for each movement.
  3. The sequence you perform the exercises.

Example Symulast Exercises…

The video below features Australian fitness instructor and model Belinda Benn. In this video Belinda explains and demonstrates symulast exercises…

Exercise 1 Symulast Leg Raise high

Symulast exercise 1 the leg raise…

Exercise 3 Hip Extensions

Symulast exercise 2 leg extension – similar to the exercise above however this time the leg to be extended starts by moving forward towards your chest before being extended backwards and upwards slowly.

Exercise 4 Symulast Single Leg Hip Extensions

.. and 4 single leg hip extensions, a step up in intensity…

Exercise 5 One Legged Touch Downs

Symulast exercise 5 one legged touch downs…

You can increase intensity by using a higher step, though you probably won’t need to – done slowly these burn… in a good way!

Symulast exercise 8 lunging touch downs. Video time again… Joey shows a couple of variations modifying the lunging touch down

So… Does Joey Altas Symulast Method Really Work?

Big thanks to Tiz for sharing her results from using symulast exercises…

Tiz goes on to explain that she’s been fighting cellulite since being 18, and coupled with a sweet tooth and love of fries it’s been tough…

Tiz's before and after symulast rear view
Tiz's symulast photos side view

In Tiz’s own words…

I am currently 28 years old and I have been fighting cellulite for about 10 years on and off. I tried all kinds of expensive lotions, endermology, dry skin brushing, and all sorts of inconsistent exercise routines including weight lifting. My main problem areas are my butt, knee area and thighs.

January of 2012 I started doing some serious research online and came across the Naked Beauty Symulast method program. What you explained during the video made so much sense, and even though I was very skeptical, I was truly desperate because my body was getting worse. I started your routine right away and within a few weeks I noticed changes, I call it the automatic butt lift.

However, I was impatient and once more I gave up on it and went back to my old habits, especially the eating ones. At that point, food was more powerful than my cellulite, I did not want to change badly enough. During 2012 and 2013 I did the program on and off many times, never really sticking to healthy eating or being consistent.

Finally in August of 2013 I decided that enough was enough. I realized that the older I have gotten the harder it has become for me to control my body and mind. I did not want to get to my mother’s age and look back at the opportunity I missed due to lack of discipline and commitment. I started eating healthier and doing the method 2 times a week. I also incorporated a little cardio in the mornings. I personally dislike cardio, so I decided to do your simpler recommendation of cardio.

I have a 12 inch step and I do steps on it for 25-30 minutes in the mornings. I cannot tell you how quickly my body changed, and my cellulite started to fade away. Food makes a huge difference, but your program makes miracles happen.

Thanks for bringing this gift to women, and I hope more and more become aware of it and commit to doing it.

Thank you SO MUCH, Joey!!

What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?

Naked Beauty The Symulast Method costs under $50 and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

People buy exercise programs I’m sure with the best of intentions, but like Tiz above your motivation can wane (I know mine does). As you have 60 days after buying Naked Beauty The Symulast Method my advice is.

  • Keep your receipt email safe (you need the order number to claim a refund)
  • Make a note in your diary when your 60 days are up.
  • Take a selfie photo of your cellulite (mirror image is easier)
  • Do the exercise exactly as instructed
  • Claim a full refund if not entirely happy within the 60 day period.

NOTE: The transaction processor for Naked Beauty is Clickbank Corp. The product delivery and transaction is all managed by Clickbank.

Clickbank will appear on your credit card transactions not Joey Atlas or Naked Beauty.

After purchasing Clickbank will also send you a receipt. You can use the order number and / or your email address if you do decide to claim a refund.

Don’t feel guilty about claiming a refund if you don’t use the program. The 60 day guarantee has been proven to increase sales far more than the refund rate. So if your in two minds why not try it and see?





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